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Based on 835 reviews
Mini Glitter Number Candles

These candles fit perfectly on my mom's 6" custom birthday cake and looked very cute The only thing I wish was an option is if I could choose the color of the candles during check-out.


First time at Patty’s.
I ordered different cupcakes for a birthday party and they were a hit! My friend who dislikes chocolate cake, ate a chocolate cupcake and was amazed how delicious and moist it was. I will definitely order again!

Hands down, these are my favorite! I live the combination of chocolate and caramel.
However, I do feel that the cupcake is getting smaller in size.

Birthday cake for 5 year old

We ordered a cake for my daughter’s birthday and had it delivered. Delivery went well and cake arrived in perfect condition. Cake tastes amazing and looked great. Exactly what we wanted!

Lemon Drop Cupcake Delight

The cupcake itself was wonderful, however the size of cupcakes are getting smaller, yet prices are going up.


Ordered the lemon bliss, guava, monkey’s uncle, Nutella, red velvet, Oreo, and vanilla and they were so flavorful and delicious. Quality you can taste!


My fam loved it! Thank you for the smooth transaction. Would def order again next time!

Lovely cake

We ordered a naked vegan cake two days ahead of time on their website and it was a simple process. We picked it up on time and the cake was a success

Spice Cake

Cake was delicious and filling was really good-bavarian cream raspberry. The curls were just right as we added our princess cake topper and it looked great.


Patty’s cakes are amazing. I found them by accident because as much as I love to bake, and promised some co-workers I would, I just didn’t feel like it. OMGOSH am I ever glad I wasn’t in the mood. :). Went online and found Patty’s because it was on the way to work. Definitely found the best of the best.


This was the first time I ordered/tried anything from Patty’s and everything was AMAZING! From ordering, picking up, and finally eating the cake everything was a breeze and hands down absolutely phenomenal. I am very happy with Patty’s Cakes and very thankful to the team there. I appreciate the great service and for going above and beyond for us. Will definitely recommend to everyone and will most definitely go back!

Loved Them

These were part of our family Easter Lunch, and the grandkids loved them. Cute decoration too.


I’m sure that all four cupcakes were fabulous since your cupcakes usually are. They were a gift this time for my coworker that was going into the service.

More coconut!

Tastes great! Wanted more coconut.

Smash Cake - Semi Custom


Chocolate and strawberry is a favorite flavor combo of mine and this strawberry-filled chocolate cupcake was perfectly simple and delicious.

This was GREAT! First time I have had your cupcakes and they were VERY VERY good. Will be back for more.
Thank you :)

Mini Smiles Pack

Best cupcakes 🧁 I’ve ever had!

Vegan Birthday Cake

Beautiful job on decoration. Got everything exactly right! Great texture and chocolate chip mousse filling. Not a lot of flavor but I’d order it again to include our family vegans!


it was great!

Great Ending

I do enjoy cooking and Friday last week I got into my home made alfredo sauce & pasta with chicken My family was pleased with my dish, the confetti cake we ordered from Patty's Cake was a great ending to our great meal together!! Can't wait to try other cakes on your menu!!

Cake review

It was beautiful, on time, and so delicious. We all loved it. Delivery made it so easy. Will definitely order deliver again!!

Delicious !!!!!

It really blew my mind how tasty the cupcake was the bread was perfect and the frosting light and yummy .. I will definitely be purchasing it again.

Love Patty’s Cakes

I have a small family and we all have different likes and dislikes so getting a cake for any holiday just won’t work. Pattys cupcake for the win. Our chocoholics get their chocolate fix and my non chocolate people get a tasty treat too.

perfect and tasty

best cupcakes i have ever had. So many flavors to choose from. Everyone is so nice at the bakery shop too.

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